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16 June 2019

Cooking Simulator Cheats Adds Infinite Cash, Unlimited Time, Skill Points

Playway S.A., and Big Cheese Studio’s Cooking Simulator is the latest entry in the first person, slice-of-life 3D simulation sub-genre, following in the footsteps of other popular games like Car Mechanic Simulator, or Bus Simulator, or PC Building Simulator, or Farming Simulator. If you picked up a digital copy of Cooking Simulator on PC, but you’ve been having trouble progressing through the game, don’t worry there are some cheats to help you out.

You can get your hands on a free Cooking Simulator cheat trainer from over on Mr. Antifun’s forum.

The Cooking Simulator cheats are as follows:

  • Infinite Order Time
  • Infinite Money
  • Infinite Cooking Points
  • Infinite Skill Points
  • Super Order Score
  • Infinite Items Use
  • Mega Exp
  • Mega Fame

There are a few caveats to consider when using the cheats for Cooking Simulator, such as first having to deliver and order before you can activate the experience or fame cheats. Otherwise they won’t work. You’ll also need to pick up salt, or pepper, or any other ingredient before you activate the infinite item cheat.

You can see how the cheats work with the video demonstration below.

There’s a second cheat trainer available over on Cheat Happens.

This trainer is a premium trainer, which means you will have to lay down some cash for it. However, it does come with some spiffy options, as you can see below:

  • Unlimited Order Time
  • Infinite Durability
  • Change Cash
  • Change Cooking Points
  • Change EXP
  • Change Fame
  • Change Skill Points
  • Upgrade All Skills
  • Super Speed
  • Slow Motion

As you can see, the main difference between the Cheat Happens trainer and the Mr. Antifun trainer is that in the latter’s case you gain access to the ability to slow down time or speed up time as you see fit.

The third Cooking Simulator cheat trainer comes courtesy of

The trainer features the following Cooking Simulator cheats:

  • +100 cash
  • Reset cash to 0
  • Reset cooking points to 0
  • Sets your points to 0!
  • Reset skillpoins to 0
  • +1,000 cash
  • Cooking points +10
  • Skillpoints +1
  • Fame +10
  • XP +10
  • Cooking points +100
  • Skillpoints +10
  • Fame +100
  • XP +100
  • Instant repair
  • Fame level +1
  • Level +1
  • Clock time freeze: on
  • Clock time freeze: off
  • Infinite order time

Some of the cheats are premium and some of them are free. So it depends on what you want out of the trainer will determine what you’ll have to invest into MegaDev.

As for Cooking Simulator, the game is a 3D sandbox game with a career mode where you have to master 60 different recipes, utilize more than 120 different real-life ingredients, and physics-based item handling.

If you’re interested in checking the game out or you need to learn more, you can do so by hitting up the Steam store page where it’s currently available for $19.99.