Destroy All Humans Remake Announced With Insane Trailer

A Destroy all Humans remake is coming next year, with THQ Nordic announcing the game in the best way imaginable: A trailer wherein an invading alien puts on a Rammstein concert to hypnotize a town into having a dance party, then burns them all to death with a laser before shoving a guy up a cow’s butt.

Originally launching way back in 2005, Destroy All Humans was a wild open-world action game with a bizarre sense of humor, and it looks like the developers at Black Forest Games are planning to keep all of that intact. Here’s the reveal trailer from IGN.

While the usual E3 festivities don’t actually get rolling until tomorrow, the annual games conference is taking after Christmas in recent years, with events, trailers and announcements happening earlier and earlier. You would expect a Destroy all Humans remake to pop up during a press conference next week, but THQ Nordic decided to take a different route and get the buzz going nice and early.

That’s probably a good idea, considering how many games will be battling for headlines in the coming weeks. I mean, Stadia had its “E3” event yesterday and that was probably primarily out of a desire to pin down the collective attention of gamers for more than 30 minutes during the actual E3 media-storm. Stadia seems to be getting a lukewarm reception as is, but can you imagine how much worse it would have been if Google decided to roll out their info following, say, a new console announcement from the Xbox camp?

Anyway, Destroy All Humans earned a dedicated fanbase nearly 15 years ago and, while the above trailer is just a cinematic, I imagine the team at Black Forest Games will be able to make look and play great on modern consoles. There’s no word yet on if this is just a straight remake or if they’ll have the freedom to add new content, mechanics, etc.

The new Destroy All Humans is due out sometime in 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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