E3 2019: Battletoads Xbox One Trailer Reveals 3-Player Co-op, Lighthearted Design


There are two minds of Battletoads for the Xbox One. The first is that they’re happy that the old arcade beat-’em-up from Rare is making a comeback. The second group is completely disenchanted with the new art direction that they’ve taken with the game. Both groups are right.

The new trailer that dropped during Microsoft’s E3 2019 press conference was not the most enticing thing, given that the art style is a lot more lighthearted and Saturday morning cartoon-inspired instead of the more gritty, violent, edgy look that they had during the 1990s.

You can check out the trailer below to get a look at the game in action for the first time on the Xbox One.

While the art-style didn’t win a lot of people over, the gameplay did. The long-awaited addition of a three-player cooperative mode is something that gamers have been asking about for ages, but due to hardware limitations on home consoles back in the day the multiplayer options were no where near where they should have been.

Anyway, with today’s technology the whole co-op aspect is no longer an issue.

Another neat aspect of the game is that they brought back the vehicular challenge segments. This was one of the most popular aspects about Battletoads & Double Dragon when it came out way back in the day for the SNES. The vehicular segments required both players to dodge objects and obstructions while battling against foes. The new vehicular moments look like some old Mario Kart maps from the 16-bit era.

Gameplay wise it looks like it stays the same as before, as you pummel and beat the crap out of a number of enemies across a variety of stages. They avoided revealing any details about the plot and kept the content revelations to a bare minimum.

No release date was let loose either, basically it was just a teaser for what was to come.