EarthX Lets You Unleash Your Inner Elon Musk When It Enters Early Access This Summer

There’s double the Elon Musk news for today. But more Musk is better for us all… or at least, for those of us who dream a little dream of driving through the starry highway to distant planets ripe and ready for human colonization. That’s pretty much what the premise is for Denis Szwarc and Michal Paciorek’s EarthX, which is very similar to Musk’s SpaceX, only you’ll use the entire planet’s resources to build a rocket-based empire in order to travel to great distances throughout the galaxy.

Mesote Games’ space-strategy sim is a little bit like an old Will Wright game but made for today’s generation of gamer – a generation, I might add, who has been bereft of quality sims given the lack of attention and effort put into the genre by the larger studios. Anyway, you’ll need to create a space company by starting out small with a little startup and then expanding into something larger.

You’ll need to build rocket modules, selecting from 19 different researchable types, and then you’ll need to launch, land, and launch those rockets to help stabilize the safety and accuracy process before taking on contracts, building better rockets, and completing contract missions. You can see what the game is like with the trailer below.

It’s not all roses and sunshine, though. You’ll have to balance out your budget so you don’t go bust, and you’ll also need to ensure that the rockets you build, fly, land, and reuse don’t explode on you.

Once you perfect the formula and start taking on missions, you’ll have larger goals to complete and the opportunity to expand the company, hire in more employees, and construct more buildings to help aid you in your quest for global domination.

Basically, you’ll need to become your very own Elon Musk and evolve your EarthX project into a SpaceX-sized enterprise.

You can look for EarthX to launch on Steam this summer. According to the developers it’s likely going to land on the digital distribution platform at some point in July. For more information feel free to visit the Steam store page.


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