Fantasy Strike Gets July Launch Date In New Gameplay Trailer

The streamlined fighting game, Fantasy Strike, has been given a summer launch date and, based on the new gameplay trailer, it’s aiming to draw in series vets and newcomers alike.

A press release went out today announcing that Fantasy Strike will arrive on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Windows PC, Mac and Linux on July 25 for $29.99. The project is headed up by David Sirlin, lead designer for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix.

At first glance, Fantasy Strike looks like a pretty generic new entry in the fighting genre. As you’ll see in the gameplay trailer, though, this latest genre entry is doing quite a few things different.

If you don’t bother to read anything flashing on the screen, Fantasy Strike looks like yet another fighting game where a big bear can punch a swordsman in the face or an elderly martial arts master can kick a dude who uses cogs in combat because steampunk is a thing. Even the game’s name lacks imagination.

Look past that surface level stuff, though, and Fantasy Strike sounds like it could be something pretty special. The game is basically designed as a crash course in the fighting genre. It does away with complicated inputs and instead puts a major emphasis on timing and movement recognition. Various in-game effects show things like where strikes land and which player is going to recover, while fully voiced tutorials walk you through the intricacies of each character. If you’ve ever been interested in fighting games but never got too deep into the weeds of the genre, the above trailer makes it sounds like Fantasy Strike could turn out to be “Fighting Games 101.”

The game will boast a story mode for each character, though it sounds like we’re looking at an opening and an outro for each rather than a NetherRealm-style campaign. Also included is a boss rush mode, ranked mode, tournament play, survival modes, daily challenge mode and online versus mode using GGPO networking technology. There’s also the ability to quickly challenge or watch a friend’s matches.

It’ll be interesting to see how the fighting community takes to Fantasy Strike, but what I’m really looking forward to is seeing if the game can actually manage to convert some novices into fighting fanatics.

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