Free Fallout 76 Updates Will Add Everything From NPCs To Battle Royale

Half of Bethesda’s E3 2019 games showcase was an apology tour, with developers thanking community members for bearing with them through the tough times and offering some upcoming free updates for their patience. This includes two big updates heading to Fallout 76, which add things that probably should have been in the game in the first place.

The Fallout 76 launch, by most accounts, was a garbage fire. An open-world, quasi-MMO set in the Fallout universe, the game was utterly lacking in content and rife with the sort of bugs Bethesda has become notorious for. They’ve been steadily plugging away at the game behind the scenes, though, and a solid following has actually stuck with the game.

During Bethesda’s recent E3 event, it was announced that the game will be getting a healthy dose of fresh content with the launch of “Wastelanders,” an update that will include new story missions, gear, dialogue trees and, yes, actual NPCs. You know a game is in rough shape when the announcement of NPCs garners a non-ironic round of applause.

In case you’re curious, the answer is no, Bethesda was not crazy enough to charge for any of the updates shown off during E3. When the Wastelanders update launches this fall, everyone playing the game will receive the content for free. The same goes for the other update revealed at the show, Nuclear Winter. Get ready to roll your eyes because, yes, this is the Fallout 76 battle royale mode.

To be fair, it sounds like Bethesda is trying something a bit different with its battle royale mode so, assuming they manage to get the game running smoothly, this could be good for a laugh. A nuclear storm is raging, closing in on the players steadily. On top of 51 opponents, you’ll have things like in-game monsters and nuke drops to contend with. You’ll be scavenging for gear like in other battle royale modes, but it looks like you’ll also be able to quickly build defenses and things like turrets to fight off your enemies.

A pre-beta sneak peek for Nuclear Winter is running this week so, if you happened to buy the game and haven’t deleted it in anger yet, it might be worth giving a look.


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