Gears 5 Will Have Disguised Loot-Boxes And Microtransactions

In a new report on Gears 5 official site, The Coalition reveals that there will be no Season Pass or Gear Packs, but there will be non-purchasable loot-boxes disguised as “Supply Drops” and microtransactions in the game. The upcoming installment in the long-running series is set to drop on September 10th, 2019, across PC, and Xbox One.

Most games call for players to cough up not cents but dollars for skins/emotes restricted to a title that will never make it into another game or sequel. However, we may not know the pricing behind Gears 5 MTX, but we do know that they’re in the game.

According to, the website relays that all future DLC maps will be free for Matchmaking/Private play. A new system called Tour of Duty will be in the game that will let players earn content by playing the game through Daily Challenges that reward seasonal Medals and customizable content.

Gears 5 will also feature “Supply Drops” where every minute a gamer plays any given multiplayer mode that time will add up and reward that player with a random item drop from a unique pool of content. In other words, they’re non-purchasable loot-boxes or “surprise mechanics” disguised as “Supply Drops.”

But, behold, Gears 5 will have MTX in the game that calls for real-world money or your time via Tour of Duty. Players will be able to purchase Gears 5’s in-game currency (Iron) with their cold hard cash to buy accelerated progression:

“Exclusive customization content can be bought with a premium in-game currency called Iron. Iron is purchased with real world currency.


You will also be able to earn a limited amount of Iron through each Tour of Duty to spend in content in the Store.


Content found in the store is direct purchase, meaning what you see is what you get. No Gear Packs, no randomness.


We are committed to ensuring we preserve a fair competitive environment across our modes, so there will be no items in the store that provide a competitive advantage for real-money purchasers, i.e. no pay to win.




Boost is a new optional purchasable in Gears 5 that provides accelerated progression for a period of real-world time (e.g. 1 Day, 7 Days, etc.).


Boost offers the following benefits:


  • Double Multiplayer XP
  • Double Character XP for Escape & Horde
  • Double speed Supply Drop Progression


Boost is not required to earn or unlock any content.”

The fifth installment in the Gears series is scheduled to drop in Q3 2019 across PC, and Xbox One.

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