Mclassic Promises Console Resolution Improvements Via Plug-n-Play Solution

The mClassic is promising to do exactly what the headline states: Improve overall visual clarity and resolution output via a plug-n-play solution that includes HDMI and USB connectivity.

The Marseille mClassic tech specs were made available over on the official website, where they roll out the details on the device, which is only 55mm in length and weighs in at 28 grams. The connector sports an HDMI male input, an HDMI female output, and a micro-USB connector for the power, along with a sliding switch for the different modes.

You can either use the mClassic as a pass-through device for no effect at all, or turn it on for the console mode that will allegedly improve the resolution of PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch games. There’s also a retro mode for older consoles such as the OG Xbox, the PS2, and the GameCube.

Basically, you plug the mClassic into your home console. You plug the micro-USB cable into a power outlet or into your TV. You then plug the other end of the HDMI cable from the mCLassic into the TV. From there, the mClassic will supposedly boost the pixel resolution, depth of field, and output clarity of the image being processed by the console using the VTV-1224 chip with the embedded 4K Chroma scaler processor and the 120fps post-processor.

The image quality upscaling is done using the real-time gaming algorithm control state machine 2.0 OS. There’s a comparison chart showing how each input resolution is affected by the mClassic via output when the device is turned out. You can check out the chart below.


The device will supposedly only carry 1ms display latency getting the signal from your device to the TV.

Now they recommend that the device is used with current eight-gen consoles, as well as the seventh gen consoles. If you have anything older you’ll need a third-party adapter to hook the device up to the console.

It sounds like a snake oil pitch to me, especially since the device will be heading to Kickstarter before launching publicly at retailers or e-tailers. They have a registry page for keeping up to date with the Kickstarter campaign that you can check out over on the official website. While the functionality of the device seems cool, it’s best to be wary until you see some live footage of the thing in action.


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