Open Discussion: June 2nd, 2019

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With all of that said, this Open Discussion is about video game violence and real-world crime. What are your thoughts on other institutions and entities saying that video games can cause real life crimes?

Also, do you think companies (which include console makers, publishers, and developers) will censor/restrict violence by enforcing a bill or code to abide by to reduce/rid games of violence moving forward? Or do you think violence in video games will persevere without any major problems in the future? In other words, what do you think will happen to violence in video games as we plunge day-to-day into the future of tomorrow?

If you have something else on your mind and wish to share it on this Open Discussion, you are free to post it up here. This means that content or stuff unrelated to this very topic can be shared without being moved or taken down.

This week’s music selection is Daft Punk’s “Recognizer” from the album Tron: Legacy. Feel free to share your favorite music below.


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