Orbital Speed Studio Says Dual Gear Beta Is Set To Go Live This August

Dual Gear is an upcoming turn-based mecha game that has quite a bit of people’s attention. Although it might seem like the devs have forgotten about patient fans that isn’t the case according to a recent update post. The devs, Orbital Speed Studio, look to keep to their promise on a playable beta coming out sometime in 2019, which is set for this August.

Dual Gear has no official release date besides “Coming Soon” for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, but it looks like that could change when the new beta lands in the next two months. The forthcoming beta was hinted at in late 2018 and still seems to be on track to release this year.

The devs over the mecha game released the following tweet not too long ago reassuring fans that Dual Gear is still a thing. The information on the beta comes after an apology for the long radio silence:

The link leads to Dual Gear’s Indiegogo page, which relays the beta update will come after a technical test. I’m not sure when that test will go live, but it will likely happen in July or early August to prep for a stable beta test later that month.

“We will provide the key update of the Beta in this August. Thank for your patient by waiting us extremely long time. We are almost there, pilots!”

Hopefully, after the beta comes out, a release date follows. Speaking of a release window, if I had to give an educated guess as to when Dual Gear will hit PC and home consoles I’d say the game will debut either late 2019 or early 2020.

Anyway, if you are a fan of mecha and can’t wait for this turn-based game to hit the digital scene, you can keep up with all things Dual Gear by paying dualgeargame.com and its Indiegogo page a visit.

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