Phantasy Star Online 2 Will Come To The West Via PC And Xbox One In 2020

It looks like Sega has finally caved to the demand of a Western release of Phantasy Star Online 2, which will hit PC via the Windows Store and Xbox One sometime in 2020. The RPG that released in Japan back in 2012 will be available to folks next year.

If you don’t know, PSO2 the game had launched in Japan on July 4th, 2012. However, if you have played multiple Phantasy Star games in the past and look forward to playing the 2012 title in the future, do know that it will be possible sometime in 2020 on Xbox One.

The information relaying the old JRPG’s new Western release date comes from Xbox’s E3 2019 presentation or keynote, where the current executive vice-president of Gaming at Microsoft and head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, announced.

But lo and behold, while a North America launch is in the works, a Europe, Middle East, and Africa launch may or may not happen next year according to Sega:

Anyway, you can check out the reveal trailer of the older game that will hit PC and Xbox One next year thanks to YouTuber MXVideos:

Any other version of the game isn’t available in the West, including the PS4 version which is limited to Japan. Despite there being an unofficial English-language patch up for use with the Japanese PC version, fans wanting to support the game in the West (officially) have no way to do so until 2020.

As for platforms that Phantasy Star Online will be on includes the Windows Store and Xbox One. Sadly, this means folks looking to play on another storefront on PC will have to suffice with the Windows Store until the publisher and devs offer it on another PC launcher.

Lastly, there’s no telling how this game will go through the usual battering course that game journos have set up for it or if the Western version will face harsh censorship. Time will tell with all of the above, but until then are you excited that Sega will finally release PSO2 across the West or no?


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