PlayStation Plus’ July Lineup Is The Weakest Yet

The summer months are typically slow for new game launches and the July PlayStation Plus offerings aren’t going to make the slog much better. In fact, this might be one of the worst months for the promotion to date.

To be fair, the July Plus lineup is already fighting an uphill battle since there are only two games in the mix as opposed to the six subscribers used to get. And, with all due respect to the teams that made the July games, nothing here is really blowing my hair back.

First up is PES 2019, the soccer game that isn’t FIFA. Maybe it’s kind of appropriate to have a soccer game launch as a Plus bonus during the Women’s World Cup, but I don’t imagine many folks are going to be excited for this one. There are only two big soccer games that launch each year, so I have to assume the target audience for PES 2019 has already purchased the game by now. But, hey, maybe some newcomers will fall in love with the series thanks to Plus, so what do I know?

Horizon Chase Turbo, on the other hand, seems like a cool little arcade racer that hasn’t received much attention up to this point. Player reactions have been very positive, but it’s not the kind of game many folks are willing to roll the dice on. In other words, it’s a pretty decent pick for Plus.

Still, considering we’re only talking about two games here and neither of them are particularly notable, I imagine quite a few Plus subscribers are going to be especially miffed once they become available on July 2. And really, it’s the timing that has me bummed. You’d think Plus would pull out all of the stops to throw something special our way during the slowest month of the year for gaming.

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