Report Says Fortnite Revenue Drops 38% Year-Over-Year From May 2018

Fortnite’s year-over-year revenue is dropping. By no means does this indicate that the infamous Fortnite is nearing its grave but what it does mean is that more people aren’t piling on to break its 2018 record. Although the Battle Royale game is up from its April 2019 decline, the game has still faced a decrease when factoring in year-over-year data. However, Epic’s money maker has pulled in $203 million across PC, home consoles, and mobile as of this May.

According to website, it reports that Fortnite’s profits are bound to fluctuate at times. The site draws its info from SuperData — a division of Nielsen — and goes over the month of May earnings for games across PC, home consoles, and mobile devices.

The publication site cites SuperData and notes the following:

“This data shows a significant drop in Fortnite’s profits in relation to other games and to the past history of profits for the game.”

The chart that shows top grossing titles by category and platform reveals a flip-side to the story that seems quite grim for the infamous title that is Fortnite, which is that it made $203 million in May:


Moreover, the publication site says that this is a significant improvement for Fortnite from April and is a good sign:

Fortnite gets a boost from Season 9 but is still far off from its peak. Fortnite made $203 million across console, PC and mobile, up significantly from April but down 38% from May 2018. Console continues to contribute the largest share of players and revenue.”

Although the site offers an explanation as to why it sees success from last month, the next paragraph explains that the drop off in revenue from May 2018 is not a good sign and indicates that people aren’t spending as much or that there are less returning players.

In addition to the above, the publication site says it also outlines that the competitive scene hasn’t brought in more people.

So what does this all mean? It means that the game is making money across multiple platforms but has a hard time keeping up to its 2018 milestone where people are either spending less on the game or aren’t playing as they did before.


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