Report Says Ys Net, Deep Silver, And Epic Will Assess The Shenmue 3 Epic Games Store Situation

According to a new report, the trio that is Ys Net, Deep Silver, and Epic Games are assessing the Shenmue 3 “situation” regarding the title’s exclusivity deal with the Epic Games Store after promotional material showcased a Steam release.

If you don’t know anything about the Shenmue 3 debacle here’s a quick 30,000-foot-view of the situation. First, Shenmue 3 was slated to hit PC via Steam and PS4, but on June 10th, 2019, the publisher switched from a Steam release to an Epic Games Store exclusive that would later turn out to be a one-year deal.

Of course, this ticked off backers and longtime fans where Deep Silver and Ys Net added fuel to the flames by denying refunds for Shenmue 3.

As it stands now, PC fans want a refund since they can’t get the Steam version prompting them to point out to website PCGamer ( the promise that Ys Net and Deep Silver made, which in turn the publication site updated its piece that now reads:

“[…] its [Shenmue 3’s] system requirements have frequently mentioned requiring Steam. A Kickstarter community update on June 4 still lists Steam as a requirement, so it could be that Shenmue 3 is simply launching on both platforms simultaneously and isn’t an Epic Games Store exclusive.”

The website followed up the update on the piece with another update which states:

Update: Commenters have kindly shown us screenshots of a recent Kickstarter survey that asked which version, Steam or PS4, of Shenmue 3 backers would like to receive.”

Given all the backlash that Ys Net and Deep Silver has faced, the two along with Epic Games claim that they will “assess” the situation moving forward, although it’s unclear what that actually entails for disgruntled fans.

Anyway, the information regarding the trio comes in yet again from PCGamer (, which relays the three in a new piece saying:

“We want to make sure that the backers are aware that we are listening to their concerns.


We kindly ask all our fans to have some patience, we are currently at E3 demoing the game and need to get back to our respective offices to assess the situation and together find a way forward to justify the trust you placed in us.”

With all of that summed up, the devs and respective teams are or were at E3 demoing the game and need to get back to their offices to assess the situation, but do you think any good will come out of this for fans and customers alike or no?