Shadow Of Loot Box, Satirical FPS Arrives In Asia And Japan For PS4, Switch On June 27th
Shadow of Loot Box

EastAsiaSoft, Ratalaika Games, and Stately Snail announced that the satirical first-person shooter Shadow of Loot Box is scheduled to launch exclusively on Play-Asia for Nintendo Switch and PS4 in Japan and Asia. The game will only be available in limited quantities on the PS4, with only 1,000 copies being made available of the limited collector’s edition.

The game is also available digitally in the West for PS4 and Nintendo Switch courtesy of Ratalaika Games.

The satirical game sees players armed with weapons as they take down some of the most vicious enemies in all of gaming: bad industry practices.

Yes, you’ll have to trudge through unfinished levels, face off against microtransactions, hunt down cut content, and suffer through a swathe of loot boxes. The trailer makes it look like a cross between Borderlands and Legend of Zelda. Check it out below.

The gameplay looks solid enough, but the whole aesthetic of facing off against giant, monstrous loot boxes couldn’t be more accurate. It reminds me of the old monster boxes in classic JRPGs, just taken to the next level and evolved into their natural state.

The game even takes aim at a Devolver Digital joke from years ago as players will have to contend with pre-pre-early access and procedurally generated quests that involve climbable towers and enemy outposts, just like in all those annoying open-world Ubisoft games.


The actual game consists of 16 different levels, each one tackling different bad industry practices, along with four major bosses to defeat.

It may be a little late but it would have been nice if they could have included some “Surprise Mechanics!”, you know, like what EA implements into their games. I’m surprised I hadn’t heard about Shadow of Loot Box before, but probably because it picks apart the ridiculousness of the AAA industry.

If you’re in Asia or Japan you can pick up a copy of Shadow of Loot Box from over on the Play-Asia store.


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