Super Mario Maker 2 Reportedly Has A Level Creation Cap of Just 32

According to reports popping up all over the internet, Nintendo has found yet another way to drop the ball with Super Mario Maker 2, limiting players to just 32 level uploads per account.

If you peruse Mario Maker social media tags and forums, you’re likely to come across some understandably upset players. While the game boasts a huge number of levels crafted by Team Nintendo for players to enjoy, the big draw of Super Mario Maker 2 is supposed to be for players to make, share and play each other’s custom levels. Unfortunately, folks are reporting that the level creation has a hard cap of just 32. By comparison, you could build and share up to 100 levels in the original Mario Maker for Wii U, and that console didn’t even charge you for the online service.

This isn’t actually the first bit of controversy for the do-it-yourself level builder. Earlier this year, it was announced that you would not actually be able to play online modes with your friends. Nintendo decided to limit online play to randos in order to maintain the integrity of the leaderboards or some such nonsense. Fans raised a bit of noise, though, at which point Nintendo realized they could let you play with your friends in non-ranked matches. Crazy, right?

Obviously, the talk is now turning to players making their voices heard once again. It worked the first time, so maybe Nintendo will listen once again. It’s always possible the 32-level cap was just for when the game launched, with Nintendo planning to raise it via patch once they made sure everything functioned online properly. It’s also just as likely this is yet another example of Nintendo pulling a Nintendo and botching an otherwise easy win with an absolutely senseless limitation. I mean, how are you going to put such a low cap on a game that is literally designed to encourage players to make and share their own levels?


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