Tales Of Festival 2019 Introduces Tales Of Arise’s Protagonists And Voice Actors

In recent news, Tales of Festival 2019 has brought forth more info on the hero and heroine in Tales of Arise. Also, the event has brought a new trailer showing tidbits of gameplay and other elements that will be in the PC and home console game slated for 2020.

Tales of Festival 2019 first day is active, and new info has come out of the event. Firstly, we learn about the protagonist names and the VAs behind them thanks to website abyssalchronicles.com.

The website in question relays that Alphen is a man with an iron mask who’s lost his memory. Alphen also can’t feel pain, but he still fights for his people (who are oppressed by Rena) and takes up the sword of flames in order to be free:

“アルフェン (arufen). Voiced by Takuya Satou. A man with an iron mask who has lost his memory and his capability to feel pain. Taking the sword of flame upon meeting Shionne, he fights in order to be free from Rena.”

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Shionne is the heroine who is from the planet Rena. She is cursed by “Thorns” that cause intense pain to anyone she touches. Despite this curse, though, Shionne teams up with Alphen against her own people of Rena for an unknown reason:

“シオン (shion). Voiced by Shino Shimoji. A girl who brings about a curse of thorns to those who touch her. She allies with Alphen with an ulterior motive and fights against her fellow people from Rena.”

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Aside from character bios and VAs and stuff, as mentioned above, a trailer has come from the event, which you can check out right here courtesy of Bandai Namco’s 876TV YouTube channel:

Lastly, Tales of Arise is due out for PC, PS4, and Xbox One in 2020. You can learn more about this game by paying toarise.tales-ch.jp a visit.

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