Torchlight 2 Is Heading To PS4, Xbox One, Switch This Fall

Runic Games’ popular dungeon crawler, Torchlight II, is set to make its way to consoles this fall. Perfect World Entertainment has partnered with Panic Button for the console port, which includes a revamped UI and some mechanical tweaks.

Hard to believe, but the original Torchlight hit the scene damn-near 10 years ago, with the sequel following in 2012. Heavily inspired by classic dungeon crawlers like Diablo (it may have been created by some previous Diablo team members, if I recall), the original Torchlight won over fans with its solid gameplay, colorful aesthetic, unique pet system and piles upon piles of loot. The sequel built on all of that, adding in the ability for players to team up with their friends to go plowing through crypts, castles and catacombs aplenty.

On Sept. 3, Torchlight II will arrive on consoles for $19.99, including the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Cooperative play is still in the cards, though no word yet on if it will be a crossplay game. You’ll also be able to earn Achievements and Trophies on the Xbox and PlayStation, respectively. Otherwise, it sounds like the only major changes are to the UI, which should make the game play more comfortably on consoles, and a tweaked targeting system is being introduced.

While digital versions of the game will be available on the listed platforms, artwork on the game’s official website makes it look like physical editions will also hit store shelves. Then again, that could just be boxart created specifically to show off the fact that the game is coming to those platforms, so we’ll have to wait for any additional info.

Also, this feels like it’s coming straight out of left field, so I can’t help but wonder if a relaunch of Torchlight II might mean another game in the series is currently in development.

For those readers who played Torchlight II back in the day, do you think it’s a game worth checking out in 2019?