Triton Survival Early Access Out Now On Steam!
Triton Survival Early Access

Triton Survival, the latest offering from DreamsSoftGames, is now available to play in it’s early access form. At $14.49, although if you buy before July 9th you get 10% off, it is on the cheaper side of early access gaming. Though, it is just as ambitious as many of the games that seem to be stuck in a perpetual early access hell.

Triton Survival tells the story of an alien force using portals in the Neptune planetary system to invade Earth. You, and a group of space soldiers, are sent to Neptune’s moon Triton to fight back the alien force and save Earth. Pretty standard science fiction fare and very similar in story to games like Halo. Where Triton Survival tries to differentiate itself is in the gameplay. Triton Survival is a unique mix of blasting aliens, gathering resources, and building a base stronghold.

In order to accomplish your goal you have a variety of weapons and tools at your disposal. From blasters and grenades to transport drones and turrets, you will have a variety of ways to ensure you survive and save the planet. Additionally, you will also be able to improve yourself with an experience and skill tree system. You will need to utilize all these things to their fullest to drive back the unrelenting hordes of enemy soldiers and hostile creatures.

Being an early access game means that a lot of features have yet to be implemented and DreamsSoftGames has quite the list of features it wants to add to the game. The current version of the game only has a single player survival mode but the developers are working on a Co-op 4 player mode. They are also working on a 4 player death match mode, for those not looking to cooperate. There is also a desire to add vehicles, creature raising, mounts, and interplanetary travel among other less notable future plans. A complete list of all the current as well as future features of the game can be found on the Steam store page for Triton Survival.


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