TT Isle Of Man 2 Coming To PS4, Xbox One, PC In 2020
TT Isle of Man 2

Bigben Interactive and KT Racing announced that the sequel to their original Tourist Trophy Racing game that came out back in March of 2018. Two years on and gamers will be able to play TT Isle of Man 2 on PS4, Xbox One or PC in 2020.

Details on the sequel are sketchy but the upcoming racing title will capture the realism and dynamic racing atmosphere provided by the Tourist Trophy event that takes place on the Isle of Man that stretches 60 kilometers and features bumps, narrows, and long stretches of road that will allow motorcycle racers to reach speeds of over 300 km/h.

Unfortunately there are no trailers of the upcoming game other than a teaser shot of a motorcycle on the road riding away from a sunset.

The original TT Isle of Man set the stage as a rival motorcycle racing game to what Milestone has been putting out in recent years with the MotoGP annual outings and their beloved Ride trilogy of games, the latter of which is actually one of the best racing games around. Ride 3 was one of the very few games that I did pre-purchase on PC because it was just one of those rare racing game experiences where it offered so much content for its price point that it seemed crazy not to buy it before day one.

As for TT Isle of Man 2 it will have a lot of ground to cover content wise if they have plans on dethroning Ride 3. The last game featured a laser-scanned race through the Snaefell Mountains featuring 40 different motorbikes and 23 different riders spanning the century-old race around the small isle in the Irish Sea.

We’ll likely find out a lot more about the upcoming racing game in the coming months leading up to the release in 2020 for home consoles and PC.


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