Warlander Features Proper Lightsaber Combat With Dismemberment, Coming In 2020

Clock Drive Games’ Warlander is an upcoming third-person, hack-and-slash action-RPG that’s a little bit like what Too Human was supposed to be. It features a hero, resurrected from beyond the grave to exact unfettered vengeance on all those who took from him his greatest treasure.

Players will embark on a journey of death and destruction, centered around lightsaber-style combat using glowing weapons that can literally slice and dismember foes exactly like what we expected from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order but won’t be receiving. That’s right, in EA’s upcoming game they were given doubt from the Mouse that the game could be family friendly with dismemberment, so they axed that feature for the human characters.

Clock Drive aren’t chained to the whorehouse of corporatism like Electronic Arts, and so they were able to go all out with their upcoming hack-and-slash title, where you can cut through enemies just like in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, using mesh-slicing mechanics based on the position and angle of your saber. You can see what the game looks like in action via the video below from Click4Gameplay.

The game is based on old druid magic and Pagan mysticism, but it incorporates high-tech mechanisms into the game’s world so – again, much like Too Human – you have a mix of traditional lore with technologically advanced weapons of war.

As pointed out in the video above, the combat aiming mechanics are mirrored after Star Wars: Jedi Academy, where directional hits determine what sort of damage you do.

Now unlike Jedi Academy there’s actually hit-markers on enemies that determine whether you’re hitting exposed body parts or armored parts. Much like Iron Galaxy Games’ Extinction, you’ll have to focus on the exposed or weak points of the enemy in order to inflict the most damage on them.

You’ll also have new abilities and a skill tree in which to manipulate your powers to use against enemies. We see that you have a vine-appendage that can grab and throw enemies, causing them to ragdoll around, as well as the ability to upgrade your movement, sword attacks, or special powers.

It looks like what a proper Star Wars and Darksiders game should have been. Of course, you would have to leave it to the indies to come up with something cool and that actually progresses the mechanics that were introduced into gaming more than two decades ago with the original Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight.

Warlander is scheduled to launch in 2020 on PC. You can wishlist the game right now by visiting the Steam store page. Also be sure to keep an eye on the news tab because the developers are regularly dropping new updates for the third-person hack-and-slash RPG.

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