Yoshinori Kitase Briefly Talks FFVII Remake Multiple Episodes And Development

Last month we reported on Square Enix mentioning Final Fantasy VII Remake releasing in multiple parts. The expected remake of the 1997 turn based-RPG is slated to release on PS4 on March 3rd, 2020. But, ahead of its release comes word from FFVII Remake director Yoshinori Kitase on development, different parts, and more thanks to a string of tweets.

While the debate rages on about Tifa’s look in the forthcoming remake, key devs behind the game are still together to re-tell the “epic story” and bring the familiar “captivating characters” back onscreen through multi-parts as relayed on December 6th, 2015.

As it stands now, Kitase and crew may not know how many parts there will be, but he (Kitase) has noted that the development team is finishing up the first game (or part) of the whole project and that they’re also getting ready to plan out the entirety of content for the second part.

Kitase also explains that due to the work done on the first part, development on the second is expected to be more efficient. However, Kitase notes that the team would like to focus on polishing and further refining the first “part” as of now.

Anyway, this now brings us to the string of tweets as found on the official Final Fantasy VII Remake‘s Twitter account that briefly touches on development, and parts to the upcoming RPG, which reads:

“Final Fantasy VII Remake goes much deeper into the world and characters of Final Fantasy VII than ever before.


It’s a huge volume of work and data to re-imagine this world. Each game in the project will have a volume of content comparable to a standalone Final Fantasy.


While the development team finish the first game in the project, we are continuing to plan and outline the overall volume of content for the second.


Due to the work already done on the first game we anticipate development of the second game to be more efficient. We have our own internal schedule and plan, but for now we’d like to focus our information on the first game in the project.


The first game in the project takes place in the eclectic city of Midgar, we chose to focus on Midgar as it best represents the world of VII as a location more than any other. Midgar is full of imagination with myriad influences and surprises around every corner.”

And lastly, there will be an interview with Kitase later this week:

Final Fantasy VII Remake is slated to come out for PS4 on March 3rd, 2020.


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