A Robot Named Fight Update Adds 4-Player Co-op Mode For PC, Nintendo Switch
A Robot Named Fight Co-op

Hitcents and Matt Bitner Games announced that there’s a free update for the PC and Nintendo Switch version of A Robot Named Fight that adds a four-player cooperative mode to the game. The Switch update is live right now while the Steam update is set to go live on July 15th. The update is free for everyone who owns the game, while those of you who don’t own the game will be able to pick up a digital copy of A Robot Named Fight for just $1.99, down from the regular $12.99 price tag.

The game will be discounted on Nintendo Switch between July 11th through July 25th, while the Steam version will be discounted between July 15th and July 25th.

If you’re unfamiliar with A Robot Named Fight, there’s a review of the Nintendo Switch version of the game via SwitchUp to give you an idea of what the gameplay is like and how it’s very similar to Contra meets Metroid meets Cyberlip.

The four-player co-op mode will see three other players taking the roles of floating orbs who will accompany the robot named Fight through his perilous journey to take down the meat machines.

The update also brings a number of bug fixes with it, including a fix for various crashes, visual glitches, and boss room errors.

They’ve revised various rooms, balanced out the difficulty settings, and fine-tuned the enemies to accommodate the other three players.

You can learn more about the update with the changelog over on the Steam community page.

I remember this game standing out because it was so dark and masculine, and it had such a no-holds-barred take on a dystopian future where you’re just going through blasting the living daylights out of some grotesque mutant monsters. It’s definitely a manly game for men.

If you’re interested in grabbing a digital copy of the game you can do so by either visiting the Steam store or the Nintendo eShop.


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