Astral Chain Video Previews Open-World Side-Quests And Weapon Types
Astral Chain

Platinum Games’ upcoming Astral Chain for the Nintendo Switch is gearing up for release on August 30th, 2019. Ahead of release we’re slowly starting to see more and more video footage of the third-person open-world action title.

In fact , there are six minutes of gameplay footage featuring a short side-mission, some of the weapons, and a little bit of the astral gameplay.

You can check out the six minute video below from GameXplain, where a simple side-quest starts with investigating a dumpster but turns into a battle for survival in the astral plane.

The video starts with a cop running around on the streets, and eventually he encounters a chick in the alley who requests some help with a strange dumpster that many believe is haunted. Players have to make a short trip down the alley to investigate the mysterious dumpster and then use their astral projection to open a rift that leads into a parallel universe where a bunch of enemies spawn and begin to attack the player.

Combat is surprisingly fluid here, although I suppose it shouldn’t be surprising given that Platinum is known for making action games with fluid animations and attack patterns.

The game characters move around and play a lot like NieR: Automata, with the characters having very dexterous movement, and the ability to quickly dodge out of harm’s way. It’s not as fast as Bayonetta, Platinum’s other premiere franchise, but it’s still fast enough. Players also have access to a variety of different weapons, each with different strengths and weaknesses and finally tuned for different types of enemy encounters.

Whoever was playing the demo spent an inordinate amount of time lollygagging around, but when the combat portions popped up they were ready and willing to do what needed to be done.

I sort of wish we had a bit more of a primer on what the pros and cons were of some of the attacks and weapons, but I’m sure we’ll find out a lot more leading up to the game’s release at the end of August.


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