Battlefield V Has Sunk So Low That Cheaters Are Running Rampant On PC

The term triple-A means nothing now in the games space. Paying $59.99 or higher for a game does not guarantee a quality product. As it stands now, Electronic Arts and DICE had and still have a problem on their hands regarding the controversial Battlefield V title which is cheaters on PC.

The franchise name, in this case, is keeping people on deck and playing Battlefield V, even though the player base is waning at an alarming rate compared to other titles in the series.

With less and fewer people logging on to play the game, cheaters are taking their place at a rampant pace. This was clear six months ago with prominent Battlefield YouTuber Rogue-9 making a video on the subject, and five months later another well known Battlefield YouTuber AKA-ART followed suit with a video of his own:

Behold, that wasn’t the end of those videos regarding the game losing players and gaining cheaters like a person losing blood in shark-infested waters. As of this week, two of the biggest Battlefield voices have taken the liberty to express the sad state the broke game is in with cheaters.

Yes, both Westie and Jackfrags comment on the cheating epidemic and how it’s out of control:

Given that a day after this writing marks Tuesday, Electronic Arts will go live on July 30th, 2019, at 2:00 P.M. PT to discuss their Q1 2020 earnings. Likewise, we will learn how the broke game is doing and whether or not the company will handle cheaters moving forward.

But, if the past is any indication I wouldn’t be shocked if nothing gets done while more microtransactions find their way into each new update.

So there you have it. Battlefield V has fallen so hard on PC that not only are people leaving in large numbers, but cheaters are infesting the very game as if it were fresh meat in a zombie apocalypse.

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