Blair Witch DRM-Free Edition Not Coming To GOG At Launch

Blooper Team and LionsGate Games are set to bring Blair Witch on PC and Xbox One starting August 30th, 2019. If you haven’t guessed, the title is based on the Blair Witch lore and takes place some years before the events of the Blair Witch Project. However, folks who want the DRM-free version via GOG will not be able to get the game at launch as promised.

Yes, website DSOG reports that folks in for the non-anti-tamper tech edition will not get it at launch as billed before. As such, the team will refund any person’s pre-order purchase of the game.

However, there are theories behind this very act of Blair Witch moving away from DRM and putting customers in a strange situation. But before jumping into those speculations, the publication site shows off a section of GOG’s response to the Blair Witch conundrum:

“We regret to inform you that the DRM-free version of Blair Witch won’t be released on GOG.COM on the global release day. We expect it to be available later in 2019. As such, we’re refunding your pre-order purchase of the game. The refund will be issued within the next couple of days to the original payment method.”

In layman terms, you can’t pre-order the walking simulator nor can you get it DRM-free at launch. Folks who pre-ordered the game without the ant-tamper tech will get a refund as mentioned above

As for the theories floating out in the wild, DSOG believes that this could mean the DRM-free version of Blair Witch will be released later in 2019 to somehow protect the game’s sales during its first months, which the writer is betting on the following theory that sees the walking sim becoming another Epic Games Store timed-exclusive.

Any way it goes, folks wanting the non-DRM version get the short end of the stick unless they’re looking to sail the seas. Lastly, the game is still on for a Steam release on August 30th assuming Tim and crew don’t lure the publisher and developer away with that Fortnite money.


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