Control Story Trailer Outlines The Hiss, The Oldest House, And Mind-Bending Phenomena

Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games released a new story trailer for Control. The trailer Sets up the story for the game, which revolves around a phenomenon happening at a government black ops site known as the Oldest House. It’s a large, concrete building that houses a lot of dark secrets and access to world beyond our own.

One day a group known as The Hiss arrive, and they begin to distort and transform the Oldest House into something else. As mentioned in the trailer, some of the agents welcomed it, others fought back, some didn’t have a chance to fight at all.

In the end the, the Oldest House becomes subject to The Hiss’ whims, and it’s up to the newly appointed director to put an end to them.

It’s hard to really parse through what’s going on at the Oldest House, but it looks like The Hiss alters the minds of a lot of the agents there and things go awry.

Players take on the role of Jesse, who has special powers. She utilizes a reality-bending weapon that can be upgraded throughout the game. It doesn’t run out of ammo and it can be turned into different kinds of weapons.

The gunplay hasn’t really been the focus in many of the trailers, but instead they’ve talked more about the main character, the environments, and how the building is setup like a Metroidvania game, where players will traverse through areas, unlock new powers and then access new areas.

Personally I just don’t think the game will hold up. It looks okay graphically but the high PC specs, the lack of showcasing any sort of neat gameplay hooks, and the fact that the inclusion of a female lead has me on edge about the game possibly being woke just feels like it’s more trouble than what it could be worth.

However, huge props to Remedy for at least casting a redhead as the lead since they all seem to keep getting erased and replaced in popular media.

You can look for Control to launch on August 27th for the Xbox One, PS4, and as an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.


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