Daemon X Machina New Trailer Shows Off Character Creation

Daemon X Machina is Nintendo and Marvelous’ upcoming mecha game due out in Q3 2019, and there’s no better way to promote a piece of work before it launches than by showing off in-game content. Leading up to the high-speed combat game’s launch comes the third trailer unveiling character and mecha creation.

In Daemon X Machina, the Outers — a group of pilots commanding mechs — possess abilities after being afflicted by mysterious energy and act as humanity’s guardians.

Players will assume an Outer whose abilities (and appearance) can be customized and used on various missions. In a new video, we get to see a closer look at the character and mecha customization, featuring the typical alteration options.

If that sounds like fun, you can take your created character on a spin with three other people in coop mode. This means that if you like to play with others, you’ll have the chance to do just that.

Moreover, avatars aren’t the only things that can be changed. Alterations can be made to mechs too where players can add different weapons on its arms and shoulders, as well as make use of reserve weapons.

Anyway, you can check out the near four-minute-long video trailer showing off the rifles and melee combat housed in Daemon X Machina alongside character customization options:

Now, frame-rate is an issue. Throughout every major battle shown in the video, the mecha title seems to have a tough time maintaining consistent frames, making things a bit tough to watch at times.

Hopefully, frame-rate issues can be solved before the game makes it out into the wild.

Anyway, if this fast-paced mecha game looks interesting to you, do know that it will release this year. The Q3 forthcoming game is slated to make its debut come September 13th, 2019, for the Nintendo Switch family of devices.

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