David Cage Wants Quantic Dream To Publish Different Games

Not too long ago, we reported on Quantic Dream teaming up with Chinese publisher NetEase. In that same report, we touched on how the game development company has left Sony to go multiplatform. As of now, founder of Quantic Dream, David Cage, wants to explore self-publishing and publishing other games too.

In an interview with GameSpot (archive.is), Cage answered a series of questions and one of the many queries revolve around breaking away from Sony and what Quantic Dream plans on doing now.

Cage, the man that creates games that act more like movies, wasn’t shy to answer what he’s been up to and what Quantic Dream will bring forth; insofar that he goes on to tell GameSpot that publishing is on his radar:

“After 12 years working together [with Sony], we felt that it was time for us maybe to explore different routes and to do different things, and we also wanted to become publishers and really work on our titles, maybe work on more than one title at a time. Also, we see the landscape changing very fast, we see new platforms, we see mobile, and we see cloudplay, and we wanted to just be able to be part of this landscape.”

NetEase — reportedly the fifth-biggest publisher in the world — motivated Cage and crew after partnering up, which led to the founder of Quantic Dream to converse with different people about expansion. In this situation, Cage found that publishing is the way to go regarding his games and maybe with other devs:

“We are working around on different projects, and that’s also something we wanted to do for a long time. Putting the same passion and the same enthusiasm and exploring maybe different jobs. An important part of what we wanted to do was to become a publisher to publish our own games, that was something important to us, but also to work with other developers, and not necessarily regarding interactive storytelling, but any genre. As long as it’s original, innovative, and high-quality, we are interested. And we have been in this industry for 22 years, so we just felt that maybe we could also share the experience we had being a developer ourselves for a long time, sharing access to motion capture, to soundstages, to actors, to talents, to outsourcing, all the industrial advantages that we may have. Technology also could be shared. And just give a chance to other developers to get access to this fantastic market and to gamers, and just help them the best we can.”

When GameSpot asked Cage about what he might be working on or what his team might be publishing, it seems as if nothing is happening right now aside from Cage trying to get something started as we speak:

“No, we don’t have any announcement to make, but we are very actively working on this right now, and it’s so exciting, really exciting.”

So there you have it. Cage and Quantic Dream want to self-publish games and share their equipment, resources, and experience in the games industry with other developers. This is all an attempt on Quantic Dream’s part to becoming a publisher that produces “original, innovative, and high-quality” content.


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