Draugen Gameplay Walkthrough

Draugen Walkthrough

Red Thread Games released Draugen back in May, as a bit of a spring time adventure game set in the fjords of Norway. For gamers interested in the title looking for a gameplay walkthrough, there’s one available that covers the short walking sim from start to finish.

YouTuber PlantPowers has a short five part walkthrough series covering the game from start to finish, which you can check out below.

The game is currently available over on the Steam store for $19.99.

The video starts off in an obnoxious way with PlantPowers talking over the really well done Nordic theme song.

If you would prefer to listen to the theme, “Den dag kjem aldri”, you can do so via the video below.

At the start of the game they teach you the basics of how to play the game. You can look around or zoom in using ‘E’ on the keyboard. You can interact with objects and the environment by pressing the left mouse button. During the dialogue sequences you’ll have the choice to select from pop-up options that appear near the characters, such as letting Alice run up ahead or keeping her close.

Draugen very much is a walking simulator, so you’ll move very slowly as you travel around.

Walk your way up the hill.

You can rest for a little while as the credits roll.

There are some buildings and houses along the pathway but you won’t be able to enter into them. Just keep moving up the hill until you reach the manor at the top of the hill.

Draugen - Sketching

Alice is waiting on the porch, lounging over the bannister.

Alice will ask if she can go upstairs. You can say yes or no.

You can talk to Alice about the portraits on the wall. Go over to the fireplace and there’s an old charred book you can examine.

There’s a letter on the table – read the letter. There are options to examine Hanover, Betty, and SS Bergensford.

Head into the study and there are a few more books you can read, along with learning more about the Fretland brothers, Johan and Fredrik, their iron mine, and the death of their younger brother.

Draugen - Charred Book

Open the closet door and examine Betty’s scarf.

After examining the scarf Edwin will get lightheaded and you’ll need to sit down on the couch next to Lissie to trigger the next sequence.

Edwin will drift off and wake up. Walk outside and press ‘F’ on the keyboard to call for Alice.

Follow the white navpoints on the screen until you hear a noise that draws you off the path and across the hill and follow the noise until you fall down the slope.

Move along the path to the right until you reach Alice, where they’ll note that the boat is missing.

Once you finish talking to Alice the sequence will end and Day 2 will begin.

After Edward wakes up go to the window and Alice will wave you on.

You can examine more of the house before heading outside, including examining more of the rooms and even playing the Draugen Waltz at the piano.

Draugen - Draugen Waltz

When you get done examining the house, proceed to go outside and talk to Alice.

Alice will mention in passing about the mist walker – you’ll be able to choose to talk to Alice about the
mist walker either being a Dream, a Shadow, or Betty.

The game will finally open up a bit more once you get outside and finish talking to Alice. You’ll be able to access the map of the isle, as well as go over the letters you’ve collected.

Once you’re able to move around freely they will enable the ability to jog using the ‘Shift’ key.

As you move through the village one of the doors will close. You can go to the door of the house on the left, knock, and then go inside but you won’t be able to freely explore.

You can freely explore the home on the right where the door magically closed. Just open the door and go inside.

There’s a letter on the desk. Read it.

Head back outside and talk to Lissie about exploring the village or where Betty might have gone.

From there you’re able to exit the village through the gate, if you want.

You can travel up the hill to visit the Nordic cemetery just outside of the village.

Alice will surmise that maybe all the disappearances are tied to the recent burials. You’ll be able to concur with her presumption or note that it’s unlikely that the disappearances are tied to the recent burials at the cemetery.

You can go inside the church but there’s a simple note that states “God is not here”.

Draugen - Nordic Church

Head back down and travel along the path down to the stream where the mine cart and tracks are located.

You can talk to Lissie about the iron mining.

Examine the tab and then follow the tracks up to the gate that says no trespassing.

You won’t be able to go past the gate just yet, but you can move back to the small collection of buildings near the dock. Read the board about the ferry being decommissioned.

Inspect the knot at the dock and you can talk to Lissie about the boat going missing either by the tide, the current, or that it’s a mystery.

You can also have Edward sit down and sketch on the box by the docks.

Draugen - Docks

Go back and examine the pictures at the general store in the front window and attempt to open the door. A raven will go rapping at the window. You can then examine the window and you’ll see Betty’s hat.

Go around to the right, rear side of the store.

There’s a window that’s slightly open; attempt to open the window. You’ll have to keep pulling on the window and pull harder until the window pops open.

Enter into the general store.

Examine the “child murderer” markings on the wall and then unlock the front door.

Examine the list of “undesirables” under the counter.

Go into the next room and examine the telegraph along with the mail that hasn’t been sent.

Open the cupboard and examine the key holes and then read the note.

It will say that the key is locked in the “Kassa”. Go back to the cash register and it will have “Kassa” on it, which means cash register. Open the drawer and take the key out of the drawer and use it to open the storage room where Betty’s hat is located along with a note.

Read the note to find out about the suspected murderers.

Alice will want to examine the cliffs where the murder supposedly took place. Head along the shore line and move to the far left and climb up the smallest rock incline and head up the pathway.

After talking to Lissie, examine the flowers just opposite of her position along with the rock. Examine the damage of the bush along with the butte above the bush where Ruth fell.

Move the rock and examine the headless doll.

Follow the pathway up to where the fall took place.

Alice will then head up the pathway, further up the hill.

Continue to follow Alice up the hill along the pathway.

You can call to Lissie using ‘F’, who is standing in front of a dead tree with a man who is hanging from a tree… lynched.

Examine the sign on the body, which reads “God forgive me”.

You can also talk to Lissie about the hanged man and if it’s connected to Ruth.