Fantasy Soft Entertainment Faces Financial Difficulty After Openly Supporting Vic Mignogna

Fantasy Soft Entertainment

Fantasy Soft Entertainment lost one of their donors over not seeing eye to over on the Vic Mignogna situation, which involved many companies and organizations pulling out support from the anime voice actor after spurious allegations were made about him being involved in misconduct, to which he later sued the accusers for tortious interference. The allegations cost Mignogna multiple jobs and resulted in him being ousted from various conventions. A few conventions and studios still supported Mignogna, however, such as Fantasy Soft Entertainment, and they’re now paying the price for it.

In a public statement made on Twitter on July 24th, 2019, Fantasy Soft posted the following message.

If you’re unable to read the message in the image, it states…

“We just lost a big donor over the Vic [Mignogna] situation. We didn’t see eye to eye. We left lovingly and respectfully. Until we acquire major investors for our Tv shows, movies, video games, and other endeavors, we have to depend on patrons to help with bills, pay artists, and to keep the Department of Revenue happy. If we don’t, we’ll be closing our doors at the end of the year.


“If you can help, please be a patron today!


“Always do what’s right! Always dream big!”

This comes after Fantasy Soft made a public statement supporting Vic Mignogna back in February, where they stated that they believed that people were innocent until proven guilty.

This did not go down too well with people who were part of the #KickVic campaign; people who were intent on getting Mignogna fired, cast out of conventions, and blacklisted from the anime voice acting business, essentially hoping he would become a pariah within the industry.

Fantasy Soft was just one of a very few organizations that came out in support of Mignogna, with a few others including Savannah Con, Neutral Zone, Tupelo Con and Bubba Fest.

Some conventions encountered resistance for hosting Mignogna, while others were badgered into considering dropping Mignogna as a guest, and one convention even trashed a community convention to keep Mignogna out. Fantasy Soft Entertainment, however, lost some financial support.

Fantasy Soft still have a Patreon account and a PayPal donation address active for the time being.

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