French Bill Aims To Fine Platforms $1.4 Million For Not Censoring “Hate Speech”
French Censorship

There’s a new anti-free speech proposal being put forward by French members of parliament in the form of a bill that would financially penalize platform holders for hosting hate speech. There’s supposed to be a vote on the bill soon, which would see tech companies incurring a $1.4 million fine if they don’t remove “hate speech” within 24 hours.

CNBC is reporting that the bill has already received widespread approval from French politicians, but there’s a final vote set to take place on July 9th, 2019 before it can be passed into law.

The bill would effectively fine platform holders for not removing “hate speech” that’s reported to them within 24 hours.

The bill is very similar to a law that was passed in Germany that also would see fines passed on to social media companies for not removing “hate speech” within 48 hours.

Major media outlets haven’t pushed back against this law very much because it fits in line with their desire for censorship.

The Hill did run an opinion piece criticizing France for moving forward with the decision to basically hold big tech companies by the balls and attempt to coerce them into censoring content deemed “hate speech”.

As pointed out in the opinion piece, though, what is “hate speech” and how do you define it?

We keep seeing these measures put into place to stop “hateful content” from spreading or to remove “extremist” content, all while these terms being put forward to legislate speech are structured around the flimsiest and most opaque of definitions, so much so that they can be molded, shaped, and hewn into whatever the controlling party wishes.

It’s a gateway for the Intersectional Inquisition to utilize carte blanche censorship on practically anything, from images, to memes, to news. They can call anything “hate speech” and have it removed.

We saw Facebook perform a similar action when they deplatformed Paul Joseph Watson and other pundits on the grounds that they espoused “dangerous” ideas.

That’s right… you can be completely silenced online for having “dangerous” ideas. And now there are fines attached to these actions to ensure that even if social media platforms don’t think a certain post, idea, or person is dangerous, the government can deem it so and have it removed.

Welcome to the real-world dystopia we used to read about in fiction years ago.

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