Goat Of Duty Parody Shooter Enters Early Access On Steam

Goat of Duty

There are a lot of meme games that get made every now and then, and usually they’re pretty terrible. Every once in a while a decent parody game will come along that manages to capture the attention of gamers, and it looks like Goat of Duty might be that game.

34BigThings and Raiser Games’ Goat of Duty has entered into Early Access over on the Steam store for $6.99. During the first week of release the game is marked down by 15% off, so you can get the game for just $5.94.

The trailer that really did it for me was the cinematic launch trailer that Raiser Games put out, featuring a bunch of goats getting eviscerated on the battlefield. It’s a hilarious minute and a half spectacle that takes the ultra-violence that Call of Duty games are known for and then ramps up a notch with a bunch of goats. Check it out below.

Unfortunately the main game is just a PvP multiplayer experience, so if you’re into arena shooters Goat of Duty has you covered. If you were hoping for a stupid, over-the-top, cinematic single-player experience, you’re fresh out of luck.

The current Early Access build features four different multiplayer modes, six different maps, and seven different weapons to use, giving it more of a Quake feel than a typical Call of Duty experience.

The game also features 25 different costumes you can unlock, with additional costumes planned for release further into development.

According to the Early Access page, they will include additional maps, game modes, and quality-of-life improvements over the course of the game’s development. According to the FAQ, the developers have plans on working on Goat of Duty over the next three to four months, improving and adding new content, and they hope to graduate from Early Access before the year is out.

You can check out the Early Access version of the game right now over on the Steam store, or you can wait for the developers to finish it and get the full version when it becomes available. If they add a single-player mode I might be interested in it, but personally I have no interest right now in playing multiplayer shooter games with snot-nosed brats.

(Thanks for the news tip Gemma Han)