HBO’s Watchman Comic-Con Trailer Is Racially Charged
Watchmen HBO

HBO released the second full trailer for the upcoming series based on Alan Moore’s graphic novel. The Watchmen series will take place after the events of Zack Snyder’s film, with Jeremy Irons playing a much older Adrian Veidt, while Regina King leads the series as a vigilante.

The trailer centers around a group of white Rorschach cultists who target black police officers. The police retaliate by hunting down the cultists with extreme prejudice, while Regina King takes to the streets to dole out her own brand of justice.

You can check out the trailer below.

The general gist of the trailer is that the Rorschach cult targets the police, and then the police target the cultists, and then Dr. Manhattan returns from Mars.

The response to the trailer from commenters were disparate.

One side were completely fine with the trailer while others called it woke garbage.

The thing is, the trailer is extremely racially charged with a lot of obvious political parallels to real life.

We see that the cops are portrayed as a multi-racial group of law and order, while the Rorschach cult is composed of rust belt whites trying to take down the diverse structure of the law.

The writing on the wall is written so strongly on the nose that you could hang your jacket on it.

I don’t know who this show is supposed to be for, but more of the diversity agenda being anchored on top of the Watchmen franchise comes across as both absurd and desperate.

Typically, you’ll see a bunch of dime store Centrists™ defending the upcoming show, using the same excuses they always do to protect the Left’s agenda. The sad reality is that a bunch of normies are going to fall for it, waste their time watching the show, and then complain about it after having paid to see it like the low brain frequency lemmings that they are.

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