Junkyard Simulator Lets You Turn Scraps Into Manly Prizes

If you are a self-made man and proud of such things, and you happen to like building contraptions out of scraps that makes the world stop in awe, then Junkyard Simulator embodies that exact experience. The game that’s all about hard work and getting down and dirty is set to hit PC via Steam sometime soon.

If you have a garage full of tools and like getting things done by using effort and your wits, you’ll be able to transfer that from the real world into the virtual one thanks to PlayWay S.A. and Rebelia Games’ Junkyard Simulator.

And something that will make a player grin from ear to ear is that you will have complete freedom in choosing what you want to do and how to do it. The route you choose is entirely up to you if you want to get rich, drive around for fun, or build something out of nothing.

At the game’s core is to become the owner of a junkyard and grow it out to the limit, as explained by the devs:

“In Junkyard Simulator you play as owner of scrap yard, which with his own hands is trying to create the largest junkyard in the area. The way you do it depends on your decision! Do you want to manually search and collect the best scrap?”

If all of that sounds like fun, you can crack open a cold can of beer and enjoy smashing scraps and creating works of art. In other words, if you want to search and collect the best junk, you’re covered. Maybe you want to rebuild an old car and restore it? It’s in the game. And those who are into destruction there’s more than enough.

Anyway, you can check out two in-game trailers showing off Junkyard Simulator courtesy of PlayWay S.A:

The game in question is slated to come sometime soon for PC via Steam where more info sits on playway.com.

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