Kill La Kill – IF Demo Goes Live July 8th For PS4

Kill La Kill IF Demo

PQube, Arc System Works and Studio Trigger announced there will be a free demo of Kill La Kill – IF made available for PlayStation 4 gamers starting July 8th. The demo will be available over on the PlayStation Store indefinitely, even after the game releases.

Fighting game fans and followers of Studio Trigger will be able to dabble in two modes in the game, the first chapter of the Story Mode as well as take some characters into battle within the Versus Mode.

The Versus Mode demo will feature Ryuko Matoi, Satsuki Kiryuin, Ira Gamagoori, and Uzu Sanageyama as playable characters, which is a lot more than I thought they would make available for the title.

In addition to the announcement of the playable demo, they also rolled out two new trailers for the game, featuring Grand Couterier Nui Harime and the Honnouji Academy president, Ragyo Kiryuin.

You can check out Nui’s introductory video below.

The pink-clad pugilist utilizes her long purple blade and umbrella to perform driving attacks against her foes, while also elevating the fight to new heights, literally, by launching her foes into the air high above the arena to juggle her opponents.

In the second video, we get a look at Ragyo’s moves and abilities, which you can check out below.

She’s a lot slower and more methodical in her attacks, using decisive, powerful blows to deal damage to her opponents.

Ragyo doesn’t have the flashy combos like the others and seems like the kind of character that will require some getting used to if you plan on maining her.

He special is quite something, though, and does a fine job of displaying how vicious and violent the character is.

You’ll be able to get your hands on the game at the end of the month for PS4 and Nintendo Switch, with the PC version going live on Steam starting July 25th.

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