Killsquad, 4-Player Co-op ARPG Enters Early Access On Steam July 16th
Killsquad Release Date

Novarama released a new developer diary for the upcoming four-player, cooperative action-RPG, Killsquad. This arrives just weeks ahead of the game’s eventual release into Early Access over on Steam.

The video covers the game’s general gameplay premise, the different planets, and the plot that works as an impetus for players to explore different planets. Each planet has its own series of monsters, as well as different planetary hazards. Some of the planets are exotic while others are high-tech and filled with traps and mazes.

You can check out the gameplay video below, giving you a look at the planets and monsters.

The game was originally featured at this year’s E3, where gamers were given an early glimpse at the cooperative hack-slash-and-shooter, but you’ll be able to play it for yourself starting July 16th in the middle of the month.

As noted in the video above, there are three different planets to venture to; four different heroes to select from each with their own unique skillsets, weapons, and visual customization; and 30 different enemies to encounter.

The full version of the game will include two additional playable heroes, as well new contract types in addition to the 12 contracts from Early Access, and cooperative vehicles, so it may end up being a lot like Borderlands when all is said and done.

Killsquad - Classes

They plan on being in Early Access for up to six months, so that means you can expect for the final version of the game to become available either at the tail end of 2019 or the early first half of 2020.

You can wishlist Killsquad right now, or wait until July 16th to pick up a digital copy of the game from the Steam store when it enters into Early Access.

This is basically the kind of Diablo experience you will never get from Blizzard since they’ve gone woke and will eventually go broke.


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