Marvel’s Avengers Videos Show Off Thor, Hulk, Captain America, And Black Widow Gameplay

Square Enix has been very tight-lipped when it comes to showing off actual gameplay footage of Marvel’s Avengers. However, that has changed thanks to fan-intervention during this year’s Comic-Con 2019 event, and now there’s a rhyme and reason why they’re holding off showing in-game footage.

To be frank, I’m not a fan of this game especially given the implementation of microtransactions and how the characters look like knock-off cosplayers pretending to be the Avengers. And don’t get me started on the uncanny looking Black Widow.

Anyway, two video leaks have surfaced showing off six-minutes, and 12-minutes of off-screen gameplay respectively. In general, we see Thor throwing bolts of lightning around the place dispatching targets in small circular areas until the player takes control of Iron Man.

The player demonstrating the close-door playthrough shows off the straight forward flying sequence containing Iron Man. Aside from all the flashy effects and explosions, there’s no much to write home about regarding both Thor and Iron Man’s scene.

Next up, the Hulk takes the spotlight wherein he must travel across linear sections of a destroyed bridge and use cars and debris as a means to traverse and fight some baddies.

Most of his scenes consist of him bashing, and you know… doing Hulk stuff.¬†And like clockwork, special effects and explosions try to mask the scene and make it that much more “immersive.”

Furthermore, Captain America takes over where the person in charge of the presentation must fend off intruding forces and use the star-spangled banner hero’s iconic shield to end any opposition in his small path.

Lastly, there’s a hint to the controversial Captain Marvel (wearing a Kree shirt) making an appearance, which could also be a hint at Ronan the Accuser (of the Kree Empire) making an appearance too. Later we see the ma’am Widow, I mean… Black Widow in action.

Without further ado, the first video by YouTuber OtakuRaj and the second video by Reddit user ThePromise102 are up for your viewing pleasure.

Part 2. SDCC. Sadly the last part. Security almost caught me. from MarvelAvengersProject

Overall, the game looks generic, has ugly characters, and boasts microtransactions. With that said, this game is a big no in my book.

Aside from my thoughts, what do you think of Marvel’s Avengers?


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