Pilot Sports Makes The Trip To Xbox One, Windows 10 And Steam

Pilot Sports

After initially launching for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch, Z-Software announced that Pilot Sports, the retro themed party game filled with aerial mini-games, is coming to Steam, Windows 10, and the Xbox One on July 31st.

Pre-orders have gone live for the Xbox One version, but it’s probably best you wait for the game to actually release before committing to a purchase.

The game is a love-letter to the original Pilot Wings, which saw players taking on different kinds of aeronautical craft and devices and completing challenges within a set amount of time. The goal is the same with Pilot Sports.

You’ll have planes, jetpacks, hand-gliders and more at your disposal, as you attempt to navigate through challenging courses scattered about a gorgeous island paradise. You can get a glimpse of what the gameplay is like with the trailer below, courtesy of Handheld Players.

After selecting from single or multiplayer, you can then select your character, the challenge, and the level.

In total, you’ll have seven different types of vehicular challenges to take on, including hand-gliders, wingsuits, airplanes, jetpacks, and parachutes.

Andreas Heldt, the head of Z-Software, explained in the press release…

“Pilot Sports is a funny flying simulation game perfect for every age, and allowing players a chance to compete with each other, makes for an even more enjoyable experience. We are proud to have developed this game, and even more excited now to be releasing our game on both Steam PC and Xbox One, allowing us to simultaneously introduce Pilot Sports to new audiences seeking retro-inspired and or family-friendly games.”

This is a nice little bit of news to offer gamers some variety in their multi-platform selections when it comes to Pilot Sports.

If you don’t have a Nintendo Switch or PS4, you can now purchase the game from the Steam store for PC or from the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One starting July 31st. If you’re looking for a casual party-game to play with a few friends via local split-screen play.

It’s a shame it doesn’t support online multiplayer, but maybe with enough sales and community support we’ll see it arrive via a post-launch patch… maybe? One can hope.

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