Reports Say Dr. Mario World Launch Is Nintendo’s Lowest Grossing Mobile Game

The last time we reported on Dr. Mario World was on July 9th, where we explained how the free-to-play game has $4.99 in-game purchases to play undisturbed for an hour. Well, it looks like Nintendo’s money-making shekel scheme hasn’t faired well in the 72-hour department in that Dr. Mario World is the lowest-grossing Nintendo mobile launch.

According to two reports, it looks like many people are into the match-three side of things, according to Dr. Mario World download numbers. Contrary to that news, though, people aren’t spending all that much money on the game.

The two sources in question happen to be and,  the latter of which is the founder of the study. The latter website claims that it has a full chart of all the non-Pokemon mobile titles the Big N has released so far as well as downloads, which includes Dr. Mario World stats.

In addition to the above, it is said the Gacha-like game has accrued over 2 million downloads meaning it is second to last on the list.

If you don’t know what this means, for context, Dr. Mario World has generated around $100,000 in revenue. Both publication sites note that the match-three game is the lowest-grossing 72-hour launch of all Nintendo’s titles where Dragalia Lost — despite being a new IP — passed said Mario game in revenue.

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Maybe Nintendo might find its shekel groove later down the line with Dr. Mario World. As it stands now, the mobile game has reached a lot of people but isn’t making mad money back.

So there you have it. The microtransaction laden game isn’t doing well when compared to its counterparts, and that includes its 72-hour performance. While we wait to see if this game will sink further or recover, Nintendo is expected to release Mario Kart Tour Q4 of this year.

Anyway, Dr. Mario World is out now for free across iOS and Android mobile devices.


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