Some Developers Wanted A God Of War Game Without Kratos

God of War Kratos

Corey Barlog, director of God of War, recently made some comments to Eurogamer about the development of the 2018 God of War reboot. Barlog said that several developers at Santa Monica Studios felt Kratos was “annoying” and “done”. These developers pushed for the new God of War game to ditch Kratos in favor of a new protagonist. The outspoken developers claiming the mythology was important to the series, not Kratos. Fortunately for God of War fans, Barlog was able to convince the team to stick with Kratos.

Barlog saved Kratos from the chopping block by arguing that the new game should focus on a “shift in personality” for Kratos. This personality shift was achieved by making Kratos a father.  Barlog further cemented this by insisting the game play feature Kratos fighting alongside his son. While this game play decision caused a bit of extra work for the animators it ultimately made the game stand out from its predecessors. The God of War reboot was a smash hit and fans of the series are already chomping at the bit for the next game in the series.

After I read Barlog’s comments about members of his team wanting to nix Kratos from God of War I began to wonder why they would suggest such a thing? Kratos is to God of War what Link is to The Legend of Zelda; cutting him from the game comes off like they wanted to push a new creation but bank on the God of War brand. This is a common tactic used by Warriors of Social Justice. We saw it done to Ghostbusters, Star Wars, and Battlefield V. In fact, the upcoming Charlie’s Angels has turned that franchise from a male fantasy to a female “empowerment” movie.

Seeing as Sony Santa Monica was responsible for God of War it comes as no surprise that they wanted to bury Kratos. For those unaware, Santa Monica is in the heart of soy boy country. Much like female Warriors of Social Justice hate attractive female video game characters, soy boys hate all things masculine. This was also discussed by YouTube outlet Geeks + Gamers.

Kratos has been described as the ultimate alpha male and there is no way the soy boys of Santa Monica could find him anything but “annoying”. After all, soy boys have no clue what it means to be a real man so they are annoyed and off put when they see one. Thank God Corey Barlog was there to put his staff in check and keep fan favorite Kratos around. Though, the massive loss of revenue from a God of Soy game would have been quite amusing.