Songbird Symphony, Music-Rhythm Platformer Now Available

Songbird Symphony

Developer Joysticks Studios and Publisher PQube Limited have come together to release Songbird Symphony on PS4, Switch, and Steam. The game is just $16.99, 10% off on Steam until August 1, on all platforms. The game itself is an amazing looking 2D pixel art platformer slash rhythm game. It also features full controller support on Steam as well as six different language interfaces.

Songbird Symphony is the story of an orphaned chick named Birb who is searching for his true origins. Along the way he will meet any colorful birds. Some birds will be friends who help guide Birb or teach him about himself. Others will be foes who try to keep Birb from learning his true parentage. Through it all Birb will remain cheery and filled with music he just has to let out.

Speaking of music, Birb will use his chirps to activate platforms, interact with the denizens of the forest, and defeat his foes. To expand on the use of song to defeat foes, Birb will face off against bosses in rhythm battles reminiscent of Guitar Hero and other rhythm games. You will unlock new notes to face off against these foes by helping the forest creatures in various ways. This includes finding hidden feathers and secret locations. There is sure to be plenty to discover about Birb and the forest creatures.

Songbird Symphony may look like a childish game but it promises to have challenges for gamers of all ages and skill level. Speaking of skill level, you are graded on your performance of each song and can replay them to try for a higher score, offering a bit of replayability to the game. Speaking of the songs, the music in this game is catchy and upbeat. There doesn’t seem to be a single song that will grate on the nerves, which is something that many rhythm games fail at. If you’re looking for a relaxing game to play, Songbird Symphony could be the one for you.