Student Says There Are Only Two Genders And Finds Himself Expelled Shortly Afterward

During a class discussion a 17-year-old student in the Scottish School Mearns Academy commented that there were only two genders. This prompted his teacher to reply “I’m sorry, what you were saying is not very inclusive. This is an inclusive school”. Following this statement by the teacher the student was asked to leave the classroom.

Like all good progressive windbags, the teacher was not content to simply remove the student from class. Instead the teacher joined the student outside of the classroom and tried to browbeat him into compliance. Luckily the student was prepared for such an occurrence and recorded his teacher, the video available to view on Real Clear Politics.

You can view the clip over on RT’s YouTube channel as well.

This should have been the whole story, but if there is one thing progressives hate more than actual scientific fact it is being exposed as the crazy loons they are.

You see, after the unnamed student uploaded the video to Reddit they decided to suspend him for a week for breaking the well known rule “not to record your teachers”. This did not satiate the school’s higher ups and the school decided to not allow him to finish his schooling at Mearns Academy.

The school says they are not expelling him or permanently excluding him from school, rather they simply ended his “compulsory education”.

The official school statement reads as follows…

“The young man in question has not been permanently excluded from Mearns Academy, but rather at the age of 17, has reached the end of his time in compulsory education. Staff from the school are working hard to ensure that the young man has a positive future placement either in further education or in an area that he chooses.”

Basically, the school board has ruled that the unnamed student is no longer in high school but that he also didn’t graduate. He has been left in a sort of limbo state where he must somehow convince another school to allow him to finish his high school education or try to find a college willing to accept him. Like all good ideologues the school was not content to simply expel him and wreck his present. No they had to be sure they completely ruined his future as well.

I recently wrote a piece on the CBC Kids News promoting drag kids, and make no mistake the Liberals are applauding this school’s decision. Liberals in the US would love to see people like me and the shitposting fans of this site punished for our wrongthink. Every day they are out there pushing their liberal bullshit on the masses unopposed and every time people like us stay silent and don’t push back they gain ground. Sure, the majority of people don’t agree with them but what good does it do any of us if we are disagreeing while being herded toward our destruction?


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