Suda51 Wants To Make No More Heroes 3 Something People Will Enjoy
No More Heroes 3

It looks like Suda51 and Grasshopper Manufacture aren’t in the business anymore to sell a game to make some quick cash, no. According to a new interview, the devs are looking to make No More Heroes 3 a game that people and fans will enjoy.

During the mid-part of June, we reported on the announcement of No More Heroes 3, which was part of Nintendo’s E3 2019 Direct. The reveal trailer did not offer any info on gameplay mechanics, but it does offer hints on things to come.

Anyway, things that we do know about No More Heroes 3 comes from Goichi Suda during a new interview thanks to website

The website cites the interpreter or translator for Goichi saying that he wants to make a game where those who want to enjoy the game will be able to enjoy the game, instead of making a game that he thinks will sell. The excerpt reads as follows:

“One thing that he was really made to realize with TSA was that it is really important to listen to what the fans want. Again, not just to make it a game that will sell, but to make a game that the people who you want to enjoy the game are going to be able to enjoy it.”

Moreover, Goichi may know what he wants to make and how to deliver it to fans, but he doesn’t want to make No More Heroes 3 a game that fans expect, according to the interpreter:

“He’s obviously got his own vision of what the game is going to be like, what he wants it to be like, and when he says he wants to make the game for the fans, he doesn’t just want to make the game that they are expecting.”

Although Goichi wants to make No More Heroes 3 something that fans are expecting he also wants to go above and beyond by putting in stuff that fans wouldn’t even expect:

“The game that he wants to make is the kind of game that fans are expecting and the kind of game the fans want. He wants to not just […] answer those wishes and those requests. He wants to go above and beyond that and [get to work] putting in the shit that they want to see – give them all this extra shit that they probably don’t even know what they wanted or they wouldn’t even be expecting.”

With that said, No More Heroes 3 is slated to touch down exclusively for the Switch sometime in 2020 — as revealed in the extended trailer:


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