Super Lucky’s Tale Heads To Nintendo Switch November 8th
Super Lucky Tale Switch

The classically made 3D platformer that originally launched as one of the debut titles for the Xbox One X, featuring 4K resolution and promising 60fps (although it failed to accomplish either in convincing fashion) will be making its way to Nintendo’s little hybrid that could come November 8th this fall.

The 3D platformer was announced as a multi-platform release via Playful Studios, who announced that the love-letter to a bygone era of fun-filled adventuring will be finding its place on Nintendo’s system in sparkling fashion with all of the features and content from the Xbox version, save the 4K and 60fps specs.

To commemorate the announcement of the game’s arrival on the Switch, a new trailer was released so you can get an idea of what the Switch version of the game will look like.

So right off the bat you’ll note that the game is running at 30fps on the Switch. It’s not a deal-breaker but it’s definitely a comparable downgrade to the 60fps aspirations of the Xbox One X version.

Additionally, you can see that the shaders took a hit and there’s some scaled back post-processing compared to its console counterpart. Of course, this is all to be expected given that the Switch version has to run in compatibility for both the TV mode and the portable mode. So anyone expecting a 1:1 port-over was obviously doing so while dreaming and not in the waking world of the living.

Nevertheless, everything else about the game looks like it’s still intact, including the jumping, running, sliding, and bad-guy head-bouncing that you’ve come to expect from the throwback to the late 1990s where gamers were inundated with a smorgasbord of high-quality 3D platformers across the PSX, N64, and Sega Saturn.

I have to say, though, despite the downgrades from the Xbox to the Switch, Super Lucky’s Tale still looks fantastic. I love the bright hues for the world and characters, and the rich saturation of the highly diverse palette. Playful really went out of their way to make Lucky’s world pop with visual vibrancy, as if the colors are dancing across a tapestry of joy.

If you’re tired of all the grim-dark, brown-and-gray color schemes that have swarmed over the AAA sector for years, and you’re looking for some good, family, wholesome fun, definitely be sure to check out Super Lucky’s Tale on the Nintendo Switch when it launches this fall on November 8th.

For more information on the game or to look into pre-ordering the title (although we’re not keen about pre-orders around these parts) be sure to check out the Playful website.


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