Synergia, Yuri Cyberpunk Visual Novel Goes Live On Kickstarter

Top Hat Studios opened up the crowdfunding for their yuri cyberpunk thriller, Synergia, which focuses on a one-of-a-kind android and a nihilistic security agent who face off against a corporation hellbent on getting their hands on the prototype droid.

Crowdfunding is currently live over on the Kickstarter page.

They’re currently seeking just $4,000 to finish up the project and get it shipped by December, 2019 later this year. According to the cost breakdown, majority of the funds will go toward finishing up the artwork, while the rest will be used to pay for the music, some scripting and editing, as well as the programming.

If they can reach $5,500 they plan on making a PS4 port. At the $7,000 range they plan on putting the money toward porting to the Nintendo Switch. $9,000 guarantees an extended soundtrack, while $12,000 includes additional language localization support, including Chinese and others. At $22,000 they will include partial voice acting, while $32,000 will include animated backgrounds.

You can see what they have so far with the pitch video below.

The story centers around Cila and Mara, the former being a special forces operative who was reduced to working security details for another company after being accused of mechanophilia, while the latter is a prototype android that happens into the possession of Cila.

Mara, however, becomes the obsession of another corporation, Velta, who seeks her out and wishes to make use of her special abilities.

Synergia - Helicopter Ride

The story follows Cila and Mara’s relationship while uncovering the secrets of Mara’s abilities and why so many people want her.

The cyberpunk thriller currently has a demo available that will give you a taste of what’s to come. You can download the demo right now from over on the Steam store page. The Kickstarter, meanwhile, will run for the next 29 days. So you can check that out if you’re interested.


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