The Escapist New Editor-In-Chief Is OnlySP’s Nick Calandra

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Enthusiast Gaming can’t seem to keep the train on the tracks when it comes to The Escapist. After former editor-in-chief Russ Pitts resigned amid a lawsuit and incurring the wrath of a social media badgering from Left-wing activists, he was succeeded by Anthony John Agnello. However, just a couple of months after Pitts stepped down, Agnello was laid off. Now OnlySP founder Nick Calandra is stepping into the shoes as editor-in-chief at The Escapist.

The news comes courtesy of a news post published on July 29th, 2019 over on The Escapist, where Calandra introduced himself and explained that he would become the new editor-in-chief of the outlet. Both his former ventures, and Gameumentary have also both been purchased by Enthusiast Gaming, so they’re keeping the staff in the organizational family at this point.

In fact, Omar Ahmed from Gameumentary will be moving over to The Escapist as the new lead media producer, while the rest of the staff will be filled out by Samantha Nelson, who is the managing editor; Patrick Lee, the editorial assistant, and John Friscia who will work as the copy editor.

Eventually Calandra gets into the meat of the revamped-revamp of The Escapist 2.0, writing…

“I know the history of The Escapist and I have no plans to retread it. We’re charting a new course here, one that’s focused on positivity, maturity, and inclusivity, while offering a place of escapism for those of us that want to read and talk about gaming, entertainment, and the culture that surrounds us all.”

Just as a side note – and I know Leftists hate when people drop facts like this – but the word “inclusivity” is typically used as a buzzword by Social Justice types. So keep that in mind.

Further in Calandra lays down the rules about what won’t be allowed on the site, writing…

“Everyone is welcome at the Escapist, but we will not tolerate any personal attacks on our editors or other community members. The same goes for hate speech, racism, bigotry, threats of violence, or targeted harassment. We will foster a positive community where users can have open discussions without the fear of being attacked by bad actors. We’re not the old Escapist and our code of conduct reflects that. I hope you’ll support the moderators in their work.”

It seems like The Escapist has focused more on restructuring their restructuring than actually producing noteworthy content. But then again I’ve only been observing from afar, so maybe this latest restructuring will be the last time it has to go through the hyperbolic games journalism chamber before it reaches its full power.

Anyway, you can follow the relaunch of the relaunched version of The Escapist right now, and see if the site suits your tastes.

(Thanks for the news tip Blaugast)

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