The Universim Cheats Give You Infinite Resources And Research

The Universim Cheats

Crytivo’s The Universim is one of the most original god games out there insofar that it’s everything that Spore should have been and then some. The game puts you in control of an entire galaxy, where you breathe life into a planet, watch it grow, build a civilization and then move on to the next planet after you destroy your previous work of art. It’s like SimCity on steroids. If you’ve been playing the game and enjoying it, there are some updated cheat trainers available to help improve the overall experience to make things a little… spicier.

There’s a recently updated trainer available for free over on the Mr. Antifun forums.

The Universim cheats contained within the trainer are listed below:

  • Infinite Supplies
  • Fast Research
  • Max Nuggets Stats
  • Infinite God Points
  • No Water Consumption
  • No Electricity Consumption
  • Infinite Water On Planet
  • Infinite Fish On Planet

There are a few things you need to consider before slapping the cheats on your planet and watching the sparks fly. First and foremost you’ll need to build at least one structure before you activate any cheat, and you’ll need to at least have a water pump installed before activating the infinite water cheat for a planet, the same applies to the infinite fish on the planet – you’ll need at least a fishing pier activate before activating the cheat.

There’s a free and premium trainer available over on

The Universim cheats contained within that trainer are as follows:

  • Selected nugget: regular movement
  • Selected nugget: fast movement
  • Selected nugget: very fast movement
  • Selected nugget: age +1
  • Selected nugget: age -1
  • Selected nugget: refill health
  • +10 God points
  • Infinite Resources
  • Instant Research
  • Selected nugget: refill hunger
  • Selected nugget: refill thirst
  • Selected nugget: refill stamina
  • Selected nugget: refill carry capacity

Unfortunately all of the good cheats are behind the paywall and the membership options, which is a real shame.

Fear not for there is another free trainer available, this time one available from over on

The highlight of this trainer is that it’s been updated this past spring to accommodate the latest patches for Crytivo’s god game.

You can scope out The Universim cheats below:

  • Unlimited Supplies
  • Unlimited Creator Points
  • Max Nugget Stats
  • Fast Research
  • No Electricity Consumption
  • No Water Consumption

And last but not least is a premium trainer available for download from over on Cheat Happens.

The Universim trainer will require the toll of a membership, but it features the following cheat options:

  • Mega Supplies
  • Fast Research
  • Fast Build
  • Buildings Do Not Deteriorate
  • Unlimited Water Supply
  • Mega Nugget Health
  • Max God Power Points

No matter which trainer you go with they should all help you achieve your basic goal of conquering the known universe by flourishing planets (or destroying them) with whatever kind of wildlife you see fit to flourish (or destroy).

In any case, The Universim managed to really stand out among so many other strategy games out there because it not only allowed you to grow and maintain civilizations, but entire planets!

It seemed like an idea that was a little too far fetched for reality at the time some half decade ago, but through a Kickstarter crowdfund they were able to enter into Early Access in August of last year. Since then they managed to bring it in tight and deliver to gamers exactly what they promised, which is a rarity these days.

You can currently pick up a digital copy of The Universim from the Steam store for $29.99.

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