Tulsi Gabbard Asks Americans For Help In Deconstructing Google, Facebook’s Censorship Monopoly
Tulsi Gabbard

Democratic hopeful Tulsi Gabbard experienced some of Google’s censorship firsthand when she attempted to run ads on the search engine giant but was blocked from doing so after becoming a hot button search item during the Democratic debates. Gabbard broadcast Google’s censorship to the public, but obviously the issue was quickly downplayed since big tech really don’t want anyone discussing censorship on their platforms, especially when it’s being done to meddle with national elections. Gabbard, meanwhile has put out a video asking people to join her in the fight against Google, Facebook, and Twitter’s censorship monopoly.

KotakuInAction2 spotted the new video, which Gabbard ironically posted up on her YouTube channel on July 29th, 2019.

The video is not trending on YouTube… obviously.

The two minute promotional piece is straight to the point: big tech are censoring people with zero oversight, even when people don’t break any of the rules, and they’re using it to not only stifle speech and restrict your access to information, but also to manipulate elections and socially engineer people.

Well, technically Gabbard doesn’t actually mention the election meddling or social engineering parts, but she implicitly refers to the reports that did point out that Google is manipulating elections and socially engineering people, as well as restricting access to information based on “borderline content”.

After Gabbard felt the cold finger of censorship slip uninvited into the panties of her free speech rights, she was quick to retaliate with a $50 million lawsuit against Google for violating those rights.

Gabbard’s rhetoric about Google, Facebook, and Twitter being trouble for Americans mirrors that of sitting President, Donald J. Trump, who also pointed out that the big tech censorship monopoly is a non-partisan issue that affects all Americans. Trump has stated that he’s meeting with the companies and exploring regulatory options, but the big question still remains: what are they going to do about the censorship?


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