Urban Explorer Will Feature Parkour And Photography Across Dangerous Places In Poland, Russia

Urban Explorer

Woodland Games and Playway S.A., have an interesting new sim on the horizon called Urban Explorer. It’s pretty much what he name infers: you’ll be exploring urban hotspots across Poland, Russia, and a few places in the U.S.A.

The first-person parkour game sees players taking on the role of an explorer and scavenger who takes photos of unique objects and points of interest within abandoned and sometimes occupied hazard zones.

The game tasks you with specific missions, such as activating a rocket in a seemingly abandoned base, snapping photographs of dangerous weapons, or capturing images of old tanks in storage facilities, or trying to sneak into the head office of a supposedly restricted hospital in the middle of nowhere.

The game is a little bit like Mirror’s Edge meets Fatal Frame. You can see what the gameplay is like with the trailer below.

Visually, the maps and perspective look a lot like TheFarm51’s Get Even gone low-poly and with PS2 shaders.

There are times when the game looks kind of good but then other times when you see the low-poly assets and simple lighting, it can really take you out of the immersive elements of the game.

Of course, they still have a year to go before the game releases in 2020. So there’s still plenty of time to either overhaul the lighting modules or tweak the room settings to look a lot more dynamic.

As far as challenges are concerned, there will be dogs, guards, and other “dangers” lurking about the restricted areas. It doesn’t look like there is any combat but maybe that will change closer towards release.

The concept of a game about exploration and snooping around restricted areas definitely has some appeal. It’s not like we get games like that often. However, there also needs to be some serious tensions to keep the interest levels high, otherwise it’s just going to feel like an incomplete Garry’s Mod total conversion without all the goofy creation toolkits.

As we wait for more info to roll out for the game, you can follow Urban Explorer’s development or wishlist it by visiting the Steam store page.

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